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About Alanya

Turkey ranks high in the top 10 of world tourism rankings and has steadily been climbing the vacation-ladder which isn´t any surprise consider it´s offering a variety of historical sites, 436 blue-flagged beaches, and very competitive health care tourism. On the south coasts, which is the main focus of many vacationers it is the city of Alanya that attracts most visitors with its + 300 days of sunshine, great beaches along the clear blue Mediterranean sea as well as an incredible story.

Alanya is an old city with plenty of historical attractions, but also a modern tourist resort with all the convenience and activity-opportunity it brings. These are some of the things we think you really should not miss when visiting.

Turkish kitchen:
Turkey has the third best cuisine in the world such as eggplant and other vegetable dishes, kebabs, fish, bulgars, plenty of spices, fresh exotic fruit and pastry baklava with Turkish ice cream that gives your taste buds a fantastic experience. Fresh produce makes homemade swimmingly, but the desired restaurant is offering plenty.

Alanya is a shopper’s paradise and if you have the bartering skills for it you can make real bargains in the Bazar areas. On the menu are things like jewelry in gold or silver, souvenirs, water pipes, carpets, and perhaps especially clothes. When it comes to clothing, you should know that most are plagiarized of more expensive designer clothes. If you want the original brands or domestic products you will probably do better in visiting the “real” shops. There are three main shopping centers which are worth a visit.

KIPA: Giant food store with electronics department (part of the Tesco chain).

Alanyum: 3-story mall which is the largest of its kind in Alanya with many shops inside. There is everything from groceries, electronics, restaurants, cafe and clothing to books, toys, pharmaceuticals, arcade and cinema.

METRO: A wholesale store that previously were only available to dealers. Nowadays, you as an individual can even shop here and the prices are very good but expect big packages. They have a bit of a mixed variety with a lot of food but also a lot of equipment and other stuff.

Sunbathing & swimming are obviously available, but in Alanya you can also para-sail, white water raft, rent a jet ski or go diving/snorkeling. For the landlubbers out there Alanya also offers bowling or go-karts and if you´re not afraid to get your “hands dirty” you can always go on jeep safaris. But whatever your choice is, do not miss out on the Turkish steam bath known as Hamam.

In Alanya there is no shortage of nightclubs and bars. The entire port area is dedicated to disco/outdoor living in the evenings. There is everything from small cubbyhole with troubadours to giant discotheques buildings of four floors with different theme on each floor. Close of business around two o’clock at night but if you are still not satisfied then get on the bus to The Arena, a club which holds 4,000 people and runs all night long.

Dim River (Dim Cay)
Just outside Alanya, where the Taurus Mountains snowcapped peaks flows into the clear, cool waters of dim river the pace is pleasant and quiet. Restaurants attract tourists as well as Turks with their spartan but cozy table-service restaurants placed in/near the water. Take the opportunity to taste the freshly caught trout which comes directly from the river.

Dim Cave
One of the world’s deepest caves that have been shaped by acid rain and melting snow over millions of years. The cave is a total of 360 meters long and is equipped with suitable lighting that enhances the evocative atmosphere. At the end of this huge cave you are met by something as unexpected as a small underground lake.

The Castle
It’s worth taking a break from the swimming and sunbathing to visit the castle in Alanya. This magnificent fortress from 1200 A.D. located on nearly 300 meters altitude and surrounded by kilometers of walls that winds up the mountain. The view is absolutely magical with the bustling city below in contrast with the calm turquoise Mediterranean. The three-mile ride to the top is a challenge to walk but you can of course grab a taxi or ride the local bus.

The Red Tower
Completed around the year 1226 A.D. on behalf of Sultan Aladdin Keykubat in order to deter and defend from attacks by sea. Its importance became even more clear when two years later it got supplemented by the contemporary shipyard, the only remaining from the Seljuk era. Today, it remains preserved as a monument of Alanya and in the form of a museum of contemporary collections which deserves a visit.

Damlatas Cave
This cave have existed for more than 15 000 years and is made up of an incredibly sumptuous and fascinating environment. The temperature of the rock cavity is constantly at 24 degrees with a humidity of 90%. Damlatas Cave is a very special experience and annually attracts many people with asthma since once in the cave they claim to be significantly relieved of their symptoms.